1. By completing and submitting your details to Rhodes Corporate Rewards Program you are accepting the terms and condition of the program as listed here and which could change from time to time.
  2. Cafe Rhodes/Eroma and Rhodes Corporate Rewards Program management and staff will not be liable to any damages resulting from the loss or theft of your Rewards Card in any way whatsoever.
  3. The loss of your card could result in the loss of all your accumulated points and credit in the card.
  4. Rewards offered may vary from time to time.
  5. Points obtained by credit/account will not be eligible for redemption until paid in full, point values and rewards may change.
  6. The points value and eligibility may change at any time and is in the total discretion of the rewards program management to set these values.
  7. In any dispute with the Rhodes Corporate Rewards program, the rewards management has the final decision in the resolution of such dispute. All costs as result of such disputes is to be paid for by the member raising the dispute.